Our Mission Statement:

“A few touch the magic string,
And noisy fame is proud to win them,
Alas for those that never sing,
But die with their music still in them.”
(Oliver Wendell Holmes)



Our mission is to provide youth, teens and adults alike with entertainment, education, and inspiration to support their personal goals in life.

I'm going to use my stage persona to enhance my little corner of the world. This begins with a traveling show in the style of P. T. Barnum's early work; that includes a magic show, games, story telling, a museum of strange stuff, key note speeches, motivational and life skills clinics.

We introduce motivational and spiritual principles through entertainment. We are also working on a plan for a permanent place to land.  Watch for news about Professor Pendark's Emporium: A fun, entertaining, and educational place to find gifts, toys, magic tricks, costume accessories, and more.

Pendark is a professional speaker, presenter, lecturer, magician, character actor, and story teller.  He has been seen throughout Texas and The Mountain West.  His show includes parlor magic, mentalism, and stories from his Museum of Strange Stuff. His wife and partner Lady Pendark is a "Houdini style" fortune teller and assists in presentations.  Their son is a budding comedian who adds his salty attitude to the show.  

Professor Pendark uses his magic and humor to present educational and motivational topics such as Positive Thinking, Provident Living, Anti-Bullying and Youth Safety, And How to Focus For the A D D Student.  He can custom design a lecture for your family, school, church, or company gathering.

Fees as low as $75.00 for a 30 minute presentation by just the professor, or $125.00 for 90 minutes of the expanded show.


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