Writing a book

I have been working a little each night on my upcoming book. Tentative release date is October first.


The Darkness Within is going to be just as it sounds.

Blurb for the cover:

This is a collection of thoughts, poetry and short stories inspired by a love of reading the classics of horror and influenced by Poe.

We warn you ahead of time, that this collection delves into the darkest places in the human psyche. It peels back the facade of sanity that we all wear and exposes the madness we all possess.

It is not for every reader. If it was rated as a film it would be a hard R. It is intended for readers over 18. Sensibilities will be offended. It deals with monsters, ghosts, murder, and depravity.

But it also deals with passion, fear, unrequited love, devotion, and the resolve to accept what cannot be changed. If you believe you can face The Darkness Within; we suggest you give it a try.

Side note: This book also contains the author's thoughts on the traumas we all face and links to resources that the author has found to be useful in his work in victim's services.



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