Ghosts: phantoms or figments? I wonder...

Throughout my travels, I have spoken to people of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and upbringings. Conversations eventually work around in one way or another, to ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, and related topics. Almost every culture and walk of life, that has not become puritanical in their denial of anything at all on the matter, has ghost stories. One might say that even the denial of ghosts, spirits, and such tends to lend credence to their existence.

There are tales of ghostly figures appearing with messages for us. There are tales of angels intervening to protect people from death. There are tales of whispering voices, objects moving accross rooms, tables floating, boards spelling out messages, and so forth. In all of these stories we find the idea that an entity comprised of whatever matter or etherial material makes up what some call the soul; has manifested itself to a witness. The teller's of these tales always seem utterly convinced of the validity of the tale. But, could these experiences be mere imaginings?

I have had my own particular experiences that I will relate at another time. Here, I want to discuss one such story and some theories I have found.

One story here in Texas is about Metz Elementary School which stood as the neighborhood elementary for the majority of eighty years. It was demolished in 1989 because the town had outgrown it and they needed a larger school. Demolition workers told of the sounds of children laughung and playing, playgound equipment seemingly moving on its own, the sounds of doors opening and closing, and the old hand held school bells ringing. There are tales of the construction eqipment faltering and stopping for no apparant reason and one worker even died in an accident during demolition.

Aside from these stories, we have a vast collection of tales from around the world, regarding burial places, abandoned towns, and ruins of old meeting places; which house the essence of past living people of that region. These accounts of unearthly energies, balls of light, and even full blown spirit replicas of our ancestors can be found everywhere. I don't find that to be a coincidence.

However, I do wonder if a great deal of what we are told is otherworldly, mystical, or ghostly, might not just be the subconscious of the individual seeking an answer to some question, problem, or mystery. Could it be that these stories are like the dreams we have at night, wherein our mind works feverishly to settle some mental or emotional problem we have been dwelling on, by offering us images and pictures that we can relate to, in order for our logical mind to find the answer?

That is one of the theories postulated by various scientists. Hoever, there must be a reason that people want so desperately to believe in the otherworld, that they will seek it out. That is one explanation given: that people find what they look for. Meaning that whatever you put your energy into finding or seeing, that is the thing that will manifest.

Unlike my predecessors; those magicians that have gone into the study of the paranormal as a means to debunk it; I am not totally convinced one way or the other yet. I'm going to explore these ideas further.


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