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From The Darkness Within: Haunted by a Magician

I don't wish for death. Neither do I purposely coax it to come any earlier than reality already dictates. But there are times when I would release my grasp on mortality in order to simply experience something new.

I would likely not move directly to whatever awaits a soul like mine but would purposely linger and languish. I would work to haunt those who have already forgotten me in life. Not out of some angry vendetta, but to shake them out of the half-sleep state that now seems to pass for life.

I have not been a particularly evil man, and so, I would likely not be regarded as a demon. Though I think myself to also be many times removed from any relation to angels. I would simply be a spirit anchored to this world by choice.

It is in my nature to be mischievous. I believe I would use my memory of every time I was told by someone that my stage arts were uninteresting or not good enough; to invisibly juggle and balance things in the air.

I would perform vanishing acts with watches, wallets, keys, and glasses in remembrance of every face that refused to drop a dollar in my cup. Or find some smart-ass eight-year-old and give him stories of his bicycle standing up and rolling on its own; just to watch him get punished for telling lies.

Or, perhaps I would stir up just enough minor trouble, that the people I haunt would call one of those cable TV ghost hunters. I'd act up until the very moment cameras rolled; then go absolutely silent as he wandered around calling for me. Then, for a grand flourish, I'd kick the camera person square in his ass, so he yelps on camera.

I'm not an evil man. I'm just tired of being ignored.


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