• Know yourself: Be aware of strengths, weaknesses, talents, abilities, inability, hopes, fears, aspirations, goals, and means.

  • Supersede ego: Eliminate false pride and false conceptions.

  • Train continually: There is always more to learn.

  • Be multifaceted: Be aware of many ways, use many different guides, and wear many hats.

  • Be adaptable: Willingness to accept change is the first step to positive change.

  • Develop intuition: Be guided by inner feelings.

  • Perceive the unseen: Learn to sense the subtle things and be aware of minute details.

  • Practice honor: All times, in all ways, in all things, be honorable.

  • Distinguish gain versus loss: Assess goals and progress often.

  • Live in “yellow mode”: Be always aware of your surroundings and the people in them.

  • Be prepared for all situations: Aggression, opposition, heated exchange, etc.

  • Be simple but effective: Use means and techniques that are within your reach.

  • Expect pain: Be aware of mortality, of bodily pain, illness, injury, and move past them.

Above all of these, be bold, be engaged, and be yourself.

“Followers of the Tao use patterns when planning. They observe the ways of nature, perceive the invisible lines of destiny. They imagine a pattern for their entire lives, and in this way, they ensure overall success…When unpredictable things happen, those who follow Tao are also skilled at improvisation. If circumstances deny them, they change immediately…The spontaneous creation of new patterns is their ultimate art.”

(Deng Mind-Dao) [365 Daily Meditations]

If you aren’t engaged in life, then you are stagnating like a pool in a field. You lie there, waiting for whatever little bit of natural light or wind happens to pass your way; occasionally getting sipped at by some animal. But, in the end, you dry up in the sun, never having moved or flowed. Eventually, something dies in you and you become tainted and diseased. You dry up and fade away because you never flowed into the ocean that was just a small hill away.

That is what I’m all about folks—refusing to let you stand still and die. And if that means I have to run up on you, spit on your shoe, then make you chase me into a circus tent in order to get you to hear what I have to say, then I’m going to do just that. And, when we get to my podium at the center of the circus tent, I’ll even polish your shoes for you while we talk. I’m funny like that.


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