Don’t Quit!

Sometimes things take longer than we want them to or think they should.  But if we are persistent and consistent in our efforts, they do happen. 

Sometimes having it take a little longer means that we have taken the time to consider all options and cover all the bases. And sometimes it means we procrastinated on part of it.

Knowing the difference and correcting course as needed is a good skill to have.  Don’t be discouraged if things take a while. Just don’t be stagnant. 

A few of the things that slow us down are outside our control. Focus on the things that are in your control and keep moving. (RB.)

_________ “If you can’t take a huge step to begin with,  take as big a step as you can. But take it now. That’s the key… take it now.”

– Zig Ziglar  ___________


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