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A Holiday Message

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. Whatever it is you choose to celebrate, remember also, to celebrate life. The holidays can be difficult for some.

Especially if you have suffered loss or trauma related to this time of year.

None of us, even those of us who make a second career of "reading minds" or "telling fortunes" can possibly know everything about another person's story.

Every individual has a story to tell. Take time to listen. Don't discount the story of another just because they are of a different lifestyle, politics, religion, or general place in life. Some of the greatest lessons in life can come from the least likely places.

And, don't ever pass up an opportunity to serve others. The little thing you do for someone may have a big impact. You are each an important part of the web of life.

And it is strengthened each time you assist another in seeing their value.

Celebrate life, demonstrate your connection to whatever you believe is in charge of the universe. It can be as simple as:

-Put that dollar in the bell ringers bucket.

-Donate to a charity drive.

-Bake a casserole for the widow up the street.

-Shovel the neighbor's sidewalk.

-Donate animal food to a rescue shelter.

-Read to a child or teach them to read.

-Call that friend in need and just listen.

Demonstrate your love of life. Show your love to others. Celebrate the lives of those no longer here. And celebrate your own life by shining the light of love into the lives of others.

It doesn't have to be huge. It doesn't have to be some grand display through fancy gifts in gold paper. That isn't really what ANY of these holidays are about. They are about the sharing of self with others. They are about love.


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