2019 - A New Year For Pendark Productions And For Our Friends.

We hope that the new year finds all of you healthy, happy, and prosperous. We have seen a great many things change in the world around us and in our country. I won't get into all of the politics here, but I do see that there are reasons to be concerned about the future as well as reasons to be hopeful. The world will continue to change around us. What we must do is remain calm, determined, and upbeat.

Every day brings us the opportunity to grow, to learn, and to create new opportunities. We will do what we can to help others see the potential in those opportunities and we will endeavor to start each day with joy, grattitude, positivity, and encouragement.

As we move into another year I am finding myself in clean up and reorganize mode. I have piddled around with major goals for a few years now and have not had the focus I should. I needed to clear out old thinking patterns and behaviors. I needed to institute better organization of funds, better time management, and better use of available space in my life.

With the concerns of a wife with health concerns, a son who is testing the boundaries of his emerging manhood, I have been a little preoccupied. But things are looking up. I have a good, solid foundation with the day job that allows me the freedom to explore outlets for the show. But, I'm pushing ahead on the larger idea now too.

This is the year of the (on paper) prep for the new endeavor. I'm getting the DBA within the next month. I'll be setting up the articles of incorporation for a sole proprietorship within the next few months. Then, we take this proposal I've written to the SBA and to the grant sources. I'm also going to be looking at creative funding options. I'm scouting possible locations to land the larger business. The ultimate goal is having all preparations in place for opening the larger rndeavor in 2020. I am purposely giving myself a year to take it one step at a time and be sure we are ready.

This is also the year of finding the best outlet for the Professor Pendark inspirational lecture series. I've made multiple attempts at the podcasting and simply am not happy with the results. I am learning a new area of communication. (New to me, that is.) I'm learning to build and host webinars via my day job with TDCJ. I'm looking into similar methods of conveying the Pendark lectures. I'm also working on a the writing of a couple of new books, also to be released in 2020.

I'm starting a new monthly newsletter that will contain inspiration, humor, information about where to see Professor Pendark, and assorted geek news. It will be called Professor Pendark's Pen and Inklings. I'll offer this as a FREE email service to anyone that subscribes via our Contact Us Page.

Onward and upward. We hope you will join us.

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