Professor Pendark is a professional speaker, presenter, lecturer, magician, character actor, and story teller. He has been seen throughout Texas and The Mountain West. His show includes parlor magic, mentalism, and stories from his Museum of Strange Stuff.  
Professor is an honorary title that was bestowed on him by one of his patrons. Pendark was a stage name chosen to signify the transition that has been made by R. Bateman. Think of it as similar to "Pendragon," which translates to "of the dragon." Pendark was born of a dark place in his life, from which he experienced many things that, while they may not have landed him in jail or kept him in the gutter; made him see that neither place was where he wanted to be. 
This is a collection of the thoughts he shares with his audiences. These are opinions on life, personal growth, and spiritual nature. These ideas are designed to be controversial and thought provoking.  
Professor Pendark isn't sharing these things to get you to think like he does. Even if you disagree with him or think he is a lunatic, he just wants to kindle the fire in your head and stimulate your soul.