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An introduction to Prof. Pendark:

 Prof. Pendark has spent 20 + years of dedication to small businesses, community events, and theatrical production as an independent, self-employed performer. He has not been in the habit of giving my services to large, monied interests. So, if a high dollar, corporate represented performer, who caters exclusively to wealthy, high profile clients is what you are after; then He's not the performer for you.


The following is a list of the types of productions of which he has been a part. Below that, we have included a sampling of the kind of endorsements you can expect regarding our show.


* Appearing monthly as the lead performer at the Skellington Curiosities Vendor Market Sideshow (2019 to current)

*Currently in production of entertainment segments for The Monster Chanel on Roku – for Cave of Carnage – a show in the tradition of the late night tv horror hosts, hosted by James Carnes, “Bub.”

*Ghost Dance Band – Music video – Appeared in video and entertained at wrap party (2022)

*Waco First Friday event for The Parlour Antiques and Oddities – Street performance for all day event. (2021)

*Volunteer Classroom Instructor, Promoter, and Entertainer at multiple large events for Capital Area Young Marines (2014 – 2021) [These included such events as mud runs, marathons, and corporate sponsored events throughout the Austin Metro and surrounding areas.]

*Ecopocalypse Haunted House, lead actor and FX artist, Austin. (2015)

*Multiple private parties and family events (2013-2014)

*Magician/Comedian, Focusography Variety Showcase Showdown (2012)

*Night Terrors Haunted House, Costume/makeup/acting director/lobby entertainer (2011)

*Tour guide/magician at Museum of the Weird in Austin TX. (2009/2010)

*Interviewed as Pendark, by (2009)

*Magician at Austin Wizard Con to promote Scare For a Cure (2010)

*FX artist/ actor at Scare for a Cure, Jarrett Crippen producer (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010)

*Tattered Souls, Producer/Writer/FX artist In conjunction with Glaze Studio (2007)

*Torikurosu, (Finalist in Bloodshots 2007) as FX artist for Wild Imagination Films

*Rivers/Gray interpretation for Austin Drama Club, Japhy Fernandez director (2006)

*Magician at Hideout Theater, Thursday Night Awesome Show (2006)

*The Mortician’s Girlfriend, FX artist for Gary Chason Prod. (2006)

*God Thinks you’re A Loser, FX artist for Gary Chason Prod. (2006)

*KXAN News, FX artist in news promo for MOT (2004)

*Actor/FX artist, Mansion of Terror 3 years, MOT productions (2003, 2004, 2005)

*Actor/FX artist, Night terrors Haunted House, NTHH Productions (2002)

*The Right Temptation, Background Cop, Temptation Productions (2000)

*The Endurance , Background Sailor, IMAX Films (2000)

*Fox Television, 9:00 News promo for RPHH (1999)

*KTVX Television, 10:00 News promo for RPHH (1999)

*Comedian, RPHH cast parties, Cyd Neil, Producer (1999)

*Actor/assistant makeup, Rocky Point Haunted House, Cyd Neil, Producer (1990 to 1999)

*Magician/fortune teller, Vagabond Show, Self-produced tour of several states (1995)

*Magician, Independent production, Salt Lake Safety Fair (1999)

*Martial arts assistant & Magic Show Performer,  Salt Lake Night Against Crime (1999)

*Variety Melodrama,  Lighthouse Theater in SLC, UT C. McGloklin, Producer  (1995 to 1998)




“As the Art Director of SCARE for a CURE, at the time, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Richard “Prof Pendark” Bateman. We made the guest waiting area into part of the overall show itself and I joyfully watched as he masterfully entertained hundreds of guests each night throughout the run of the show. Though my tenure as Art Director ran its course and I have moved on I have still had the distinct pleasure through the years to watch him masterfully perform his magic, mentalism, escapes and sideshow act for crowds of various sizes and venues and he has always captured their imaginations and never ceased to entertain them all.”

"Stewart Perspective" P-OpEd Podcast
Eric Stewart


“Professor Pendark has been performing at my events on a monthly or more basis for the past 2 and a half years. He is a great entertainer of all ages. His escape tricks never cease to amaze! He is always on time or early. Professional. And ready to entertain. He is extremely adaptable and has performed in front of 500+ people at my markets. We recently had him perform at the grand opening of our new coffee bar and he was a hit with the crowd! He would be a great fit for any corporate event to bring life to the party.”


Kylie Skellington 

Skellington Curiosities

& Casket & Cauldron Coffee Bar



“Don't hire him. He is going to above and beyond what you paid for. He should be charging more. Don't hire him unless you want to be wowed and then feel guilty because you paid to little. Don't hire him, he's too professional and to good a person and you will feel guilty for underpaying. Don't I REPEAT DO NOT HIRE HIM. Seriously, though... Call him. He can perform anything from one-on-one to large stage events. You won't regret it.”

Jodie Moore
Jodie_Moore.html McNeal


A 5 star review of Professor Pendark by Greg M.:

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